Executive Chairman Statement

Executive Chairman's Statement

Our competitive advantage is, and has always been, our pioneering business model. We are high-performing and market-focused, leveraging the best from people, equipment, intelligence and technology to the benefit of our customers, partners and staff.

Significant investment continues to bolster our operational capability, supporting our aim to become the most forward thinking FTL carrier in the EU.

Clarity, Agility, Care and Longevity are our guiding principles. Additionally, a passionate belief that "supply chain efficacy is the competitive advantage” has reinforced our service offering and our fiscal position during the grip of one of the worst global economic downturns and, now, over the Brexit debacle.

With our sights firmly set on the future, 2019 brings us all an opportunity to seek better value outcomes for each and every internal and external stakeholder.

Jeff Duval
Executive Chairman

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