Efret Expand Operations In Belgium


Despite its modest size, there is a lot more to Belgium than Moules Frites,  Beer and Chocolate (not bad attributes anyway...) The country has historically been a cauldron for many industries as a result of the natural bonhomie and industrious nature of its citizens. Moreover, being geographically and culturally at the crossroads of various European traditions, Belgium has been able to attract inbound investment from many World Leaders in the automotive, e-commerce, electronics and petrochemical fields. It isn't by chance that the European Union chose Brussels as its headquarters.

These are the principal reasons why Efret (nominally a British company) has chosen to anchor its centre of gravity around Benelux. As Efret's largest operational hub is thirty minutes from the Franco-Belgian border, this allows for customers based in Belgium to have easy access to Efret's JiT Transportation services throughout Europe.  

Jeff Duval, Efret CEO, comments: "There is huge potential for expansion within Belgium and the country will continue to be a key focus for Efret's business moving forward."

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